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Why People Give Up

Why People Give Up

Why People Give Up


1. They expect fast results.

2. They stop believing in themselves.

3. They get stuck in the past.

4. They dwell on mistakes.

5. They fear the future.

6. They resist change.

7. They give up their power.

8. They believe in their weaknesses.

9. They feel the world owes them something.

10. They fear failure more than they desire success.

11. They never visualise what is possible.

12. They feel they have something to lose.

13. They overwork.

14. They assume their problems are unique.

15. They see failure as the signal to turn back.

16. They feel sorry for themselves.

17. They need the approval of other people.

18. They blame others for their failure.

19. They are afraid of making mistakes.

20. They spend time with people who are going nowhere.

21. They fail to see possibilities.

22. They make excuses.

23. They think the other people who are successful just got there.

24. They consider begging alternatives.

25. They lose focus.

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