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How To Get Rich

How To Get Rich

How To Get Rich

How To Get Rich

There is a difference between low income, high income and rich.  If you want to get rich, you need to do the following:

  1. Realise that money is not an end in itself. But sometimes it is the most effective way to realize your dreams.


  1. Tell people about yourself. If you don’t tell people about yourself, they probably won’t know about you.


  1. Keep things short fast and direct. Be straightforward and succinct. Don’t equivocate. If it stinks, say it stinks. Be quick and to the point, whether it’s a document or a meeting. If you do, situations would be settled positively within a relatively short amount of time.

  1. Be informed. Learning is a new beginning we can give ourselves everyday. Everyday is a reminder of how much you don’t know. Possibilities unfold. The world opens up.


  1. Stay positive. Sometimes, attitude beats experience and credentials.


  1. Get inspired. Inspiration is the stimulation to do something. Motivation is the reasons for doing it.


  1. Be creative. Inspired motivated people are creative people.


  1. Live on the edge to be successful and remain successful.


  1. Keep the big picture in mind while attending to daily details. It is necessary for success.


  1. There are no shortcuts to anywhere worth going.


  1. Don’t be complacent. Stay focused. Lack of attention will kill your business. And when it does, a lot of people are going to be happy about it. Remain vigilant about the details of your field. One man made lots of money, bought a yacht, moved to the Mediterranean with a new wife. But he later went bankrupt and said, “I left the world, and when I came back, it had changed but I didn’t know.”


  1. Maintain your momentum. It is momentum that makes you indomitable. Take out momentum and you will fizzle out. Momentum is crucial.


  1. See problems as just another way to prove yourself.


  1. Don’t expect anyone to work harder than you do.


  1. Get excited. If you can’t get excited about what you are doing, how can you expect anyone else to?


  1. Don’t intimidate people. Keep an open mind and an open door.


  1. Become a creature of habits – good habits.


  1. If your competition is better than you, you need to offer something they lack.


  1. Make yourself valuable. Make yourself very valuable.


  1. Learn how to recognise good ideas. That is where the money is.


  1. Don’t give up.


  1. Fine tune your discernment.


  1. Think big. If you are going to think, think big. It’s a big world. The possibilities are always there. If you are thinking too small, you might miss them.


  1. You never arrive. Arriving simply means something is about to begin. Each success is the beginning of the next


  1. Start now.

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