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Work from home

Work from home




What is work from home? Working from home is the act of engaging oneself with indoor

activities that brings in money for the person in the house or his or her home. It can also be

likened to freelancing. You do jobs for people or organization and companies from the comfort

of your home.


To work from home, you don’t have to leave your house to the office or the location of the

company that employs you. All you have to is to receive and send work through e-mail. Work

from home is made possible by the use of the internet and devices like your personal computer,

mobile phones or any electronic gadgets that can send and receive information. A substantial

number of works from home jobs would require that you see your boss once in a while.


We have heard or seen a lot of people making millions of dollars working from home. Some

persons have actually created wealth for themselves just working at home with their computers

and phones. Some persons are giving up their full-time jobs for work from home jobs. Most of

us would like to earn passive income with our leisure time at home, but we most often times

think that work from home companies are scams.


We can see that there is tons of original and trustworthy work from home companies on the

internet. There are lots of avenue of getting jobs from work from home companies. You just

have to be knowledgeable enough to filter the real from the fake ones around.


Earn up to $1000 a day even if you are a beginner




There are lots and lots of people earning huge amount of money working from home. There are

many top paying positions that are home-based with big companies like; HP, Facebook, Google,

Dell etc. Whatever skill you might have, there is a company or individual that is in need of such

services. If you are diligent and patient, you will make huge income working from home. All that

needs to be done is to design your work environment to encourage and inspire you to work

better. Your work environment should be free from distractions. It should be spiced with

beautiful decorations.


You will do better if you take your work from home as an occupation. Your friends and relatives

already know that you are working from home. So all amount of seriousness should be put into

play for good income working from home. If you do not like to hustle to work unit every day or

you do􀅶’t a job yet, it is the best time to work from home.




  1. ONLINE SURVEY: there are big companies who really want to know the true behavior of

their customer opinion about their products. So they make use of the online survey. The pay is

usually $1.5 to $60 per survey. It depends on the time you put in. You might be asked to review

a product. You can be paid by check or PayPal. You can get surveys from the bellow websites;

(a) Paidviewpoint.com

(b) Opinionpoll.com

(c) DarwinsData.com

(d) PineconeResearch.com


  1. WORK AS A WRITER: if you are gifted in writing or you can edit written works to make it

clear and unique. There are jobs for you in the blogosphere. A lot of website owners need

writers to write their website contents and they pay handsomely for your services. If you know

your onion in writing, your services are highly needed online. You can also sell your writing

services in online freelancing sites for higher pay.


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  1. RELATIONSHIP ADVISER: If you are good at giving good advice on relationship issues

like: how to get over a breakup, how to love again after a breakup, how to get over a lost

relative, how to get your ex back, you can make a lot of money from people who need your

services in the above-mentioned situations. There is money in helping people feel a lot better

than they were.


  1. VIRTUAL ASSISTANT: business owners and experts need assistants to work with them.

They usually employ a work from home person especially if it is a new company or

organizations that are not ready to employ a full-time worker to cut cost. They perform little

administrative functions like: event planning, arrangement for travel, phone calls, intermediary.

Virtual assistant gets paid from $23 to $72 or even more. The pay is dependent on the nature of

service rendered. One can really make a substantial income with this.


  1. TESTING BLOG OR WEBSITE: what you do is to follow instructions that the company

gives to check out the website or blog. There are lots of organizations that pay to get their

website tested. The pay ranges from about $9 to $16 for one test. This is to make sure their

website is easy to use and people friendly. It takes just a fraction of 15 minutes to test one site.

You can make up to $120 to $250 in a month just testing websites. There are sites you can

register to start with, examples are YouEye.com, Userlytics.com.


  1. VIDEOS ON HOW TO DO THINGS: you can make a lot of money from testing people

what you know through videos. When you post a video on how to exercise indoors, a lot of

people will like to click and view it on youtube.com. You make money when people view your

videos; you can even put affiliate links to some Amazon or EBay products. You earn a

commission when people buy the products through your affiliate links. Are you good in the

kitchen? Or even in the garden. You can make a video using your smart phone to record it and

post it on youtube.com. You can also make videos on how to train pets and upload it too. You

make money as more people buy through your affiliate link.


  1. SAFE KEEPING OF PACKAGES: If you work from home with a stretch of 8 to 6 every day,

this is for you. Do you know you can make money from helping your neighbors collect and keep

their packages from being stolen? You can sign up an account with eNeighbr.com. You will

accept and keep your neighbors shipments. You can earn $3 for a package.


  1. ONLINE NURSE: this can be done by someone with a nursing degree. Health companies

or Health insurers pay a lot of money to online nurse. The online or phone nurse will take care

of cases and give guidance through phone calls. Companies like UnitedHealth Group employs

phone nurse remotely. You can earn up to $40,000. You can register at Medicaljobsonline.com

and start earning.




A legitimate work from home company will never ask you to pay money before you are given a

job. Please watch out!!!!


Check if the company is registered and their credit facilities are up to date. Also, inquire if

people are working and earning from the company.


Ask about the tasks you will be given and see if you can work on it from home. You need to

know if you are getting salary or commissions.


Contact the consumer Attorney of your state if you fall victim of any work from home scam

company. This will help the Government to track them down to prevent other persons from

falling into their net.


Earn up to $1000 a day on complete autopilot even if you are a beginner. Easy income!!!



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