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Complete the following sentence:

Wealth is ________________?

I suggest you do this for yourself right now. How

would you complete the above sentence?

When you think about wealth and money, what

comes to mind?

I have heard comments like, “Wealth

is fleeting; it’s for others; wealth is fun; it’s hard to

achieve,” and a lot of other beliefs that we carry around

with us.

Do you feel, as many do, that money is the root of all

evil? This is perhaps the most misquoted statement


The Bible actually says, “The love (or worship) of

money is a root of all kinds of evil.” (Timothy, 6:10).

Big difference!

Action Steps:

Answer the following:

Money is _____________________________

Wealth is _____________________________



Before embarking on any personal development program,

it’s a good idea to take some time and think

about what your own, personal reference for success is.

In the case of wealth, ask yourself what amount of

income — daily, weekly, monthly, annually — will get

you excited.

What level of income will give you a jolt?

Depending upon where you’re starting from, this

number will be vastly different for each person.

For someone who’s used to a steady income of

$25,000 a year (all figures are in US dollars), the idea of

making $100,000 might do it. However, if you’ve been

regularly earning $90,000 a year, the jump to $100K

isn’t such a big deal.

What is your “magic” number?

Write it in your journal as your intention.

Intentions are powerful. They signal the Universe

that you intend to achieve this. Remember, your words

have energy and power.

You might write something like this:

“I intend that I easily and effortlessly receive $______

in income in 2017.”

Notice I did not say “earn.” There are many ways in

which we receive money so limiting yourself to what you

earn is foolish. Lot’s of us receive income passively.

Next, look at your present income and gain a

sense of the size of the gap between where you are and

where you want to be.

Keep in mind that this is only a reference. There is

nothing that says you can’t go from living below the

poverty line to being a millionaire in a short time.

People have done it over and over again.

If . . . this is what you truly want and you believe you can

achieve it.



What are your beliefs about wealth, or about how

much money you can have? What about wealthy people?

Are they just like you? Or, is wealth reserved for

some other ‘special’ person?

For example, did you receive messages growing up,

that rich people were those “other people”

and not like us or our friends.

Or did you have wealthy friends and family in your


Chances are your early money experiences set the

stage for your current beliefs about the subject of

wealth and how it relates to you.

If you want to be financially comfortable, even

wealthy, maybe even rich, you have to begin creating

positive associations around the idea. You need to

begin seeing yourself as “one of those rich people”

before you can become one.

The secrets of achieving anything in life is always be,

do, have. First, in your mind be the wealthy, successful

person you want to become. See yourself as already

being that person.

Then do the things that person would do. You might

even visit an expensive department store or hotel to just

walk around and begin getting comfortable in the surroundings.

You will then have what you want.

Most people get it backwards. They think after I

have money, then I’ll do good things and I’ll be the kind

of person I want to be. It does not work that way. First

be, then do, you will then have. By the way, this applies

to any condition you want to create.

Action steps:

  1. Take a look at your spending patterns. Are they

something you would choose for yourself now, as an


  1. What steps could you take to immediately change

this? (Example: cut up your credit cards, get professional

help, etc.)

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