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You can make extra money by:

1. Starting your own brand and selling it through Amazon FBA. Pencil in 4-6 months in design, manufacturing and shipping. You can make anything from £400,000 to £1million a year.

2. Starting a blog. It might take 6 months to get traction, but if you work hard and promote hard, you can make £10,000 a month from affiliate links and adverts.

3. Offering business consulting or coaching over the phone. If you charge £200 an hour and get 1-3 clients a month, it is very worthwhile.

4. Writing a series of books and self publishing them. You can make good money by doing huge quantity. For instance, you can publish a book a week  with 5-10,000 words. You can make an extra £500 a month with one book.

5. Starting a YouTube Channel. If one good video goes viral, you can make £5000 from YouTube ads.

6. Buying stuff cheaply on discount and reselling for a profit on Ebay or Amazon.

7. Starting a T-shirt dropshipping business. You can make an extra £100 a month completely passively from this.


Live Your Passion


We all begin thinking about what we’re going to be

when we grow up at a very early age. As we grow and

learn more about ourselves and life, those career

ideas change and grow.


As we experience new relationships, hobbies and events

in our lives, we develop interests and ultimately we

become passionate about some of them. It’s these

passions that make the stressors of life dissipate.


What may have been a passion in our twenties may very

well change in our forties or fifties or beyond. We

may find that the career we chose in college no longer

satisfies our needs, once our basic needs have been



While once our passion was making enough money to pay

the bills, our passion in our fifties may become a

desire to help others. As we’ve developed personal

skills, we may find that we are gifted in public

speaking; what could be better than talking about your

passion and making money at the same time?


Unfortunately, many people fail to live a life filled

with passion. Fear of rejection or of success keeps

many people from pursuing their dreams; many people

simply don’t have enough faith in themselves to reach

for the stars.


What makes you happy? Do you have a hobby that you

just can’t get enough of? Take the step of writing

down any way that you could make money at doing your

favourite thing and try it in your spare time. You

might find a new career doing exactly what you are

passionate about!

Think Like an Entrepreneur


5 Qualities For Entrepreneurship


More and more people these days are turning to entrepreneurship – there are no bosses.

In order to succeed, you only need the necessary tools.


There are basically five things you can’t do without if you want to make it in business.

Below, you’ll find each quality you’ll need.


1. Desire to learn


The first quality you must possess is the desire to learn, coupled with the willingness to be

trained.  Treading through unfamiliar territory is tough indeed, especially if  you are lacking the

right knowledge. This is a combination of the right frame of mind, coupled with a strong work ethic.


When starting out, you’ll need to be willing to keep your eyes and ears open, using the experience

of others to learn more as you go.





2. Invest time and effort


The second quality you must have is the willingness to invest time and effort in helping your business

grow, even if you don’t see immediate results.  Even though weeks may pass without hearing good news,

it’s very important for anyone who wants to get their foot in the business world.


3. Determination


The third quality you’ll need is determination.  If you want to make it in the world of business, you must push yourself forward.  The ability to push yourself to greater heights will determine what type of future you have.


4. Discipline


The fourth quality is self discipline.  If you teach yourself to work everyday with all of your

heart and soul, you’ll be that much closer to reaching your goals and making your dreams come true.





5. Optimism


The last quality you must have is optimism.  Bad attitudes should never discourage an entrepreneur

from pursuing their dreams in order to make life better for themselves or anyone around them.


The attitude you have towards the business should always be good, because you’ll have to realize that

you’re the captain of your ship and you are the one steering it towards destiny.


If you put the above tips to good use, you’ll go farther than you ever thought possible in the world

of entrepreneurship.  You’ll need these qualities to succeed, as business can be a cutting

edge career.  With the above qualities, you’ll do just fine.



Effective Time Management For Entrepreneurs

I am delighted to announce that my course, Effective Time Management For Entrepreneurs, is now live in the Udemy marketplace.

50% discount. You can read the full description of the course and benefits here.


I am grateful for the hundreds of students who have have read, watched, and listened to the tutorials on entrepreneurship, investing, and personal development I create! I thank everyone who has enrolled on my courses on Udemy and all those who follow me everyday on social media.

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